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AT&T's Defense Invokes Big Tech Terror

In the U.S. government’s lawsuit to block the merger of AT&T with Time Warner, the two companies say the deal needs to be approved for them to survive an onslaught from big tech. Yet, the imminent doom they conjure doesn’t entirely hold up.

Still Waiting for the Tax-Cut Boost

The economy weakened in the first quarter despite stimulus, leaving it unclear how much government stimulus will ramp up growth.

Why The Fun Is Already Fading for Investment Banks

UBS’s first quarter was boosted by strength in its investment-banking division, but activity has already slowed.

Flattening Yield Curve Isn't Just the Fed's Problem

The flattening U.S. yield curve, a harbinger of possible economic trouble, has caught the eye of officials at the Federal Reserve. But a potential problem for the Fed is a worry for the rest of the world, too—especially the European Central Bank.

Tencent Music: Tune In, But Don't Turn On Yet

The Chinese answer to Spotify will need to fill in a lot of gaps to justify a $25 billion valuation when it floats.

How the Fed Keeps Bank Stocks Down

Bank shares are being held back by uncertainty over how the Federal Reserve’s stress tests would affect dividends and buybacks.

No Bad News Counts as Good News at GE

General Electric beat lowered expectations for first-quarter earnings and maintained its full-year guidance, but further recovery would hinge on concrete signs of improvement in cash flow at its power unit.

Honeywell Sounds the Charge for Industrial Stocks

Strong performance across Honeywell’s business portfolio seems poised to continue.

Dangers of Everything Becoming a Tech Company

Tobacco stocks are supposed to be low volatility. But add a dash of tech and it all changes.