Radio Rewound with Alan Diskin

It’s a blast from the past… the “TV Land of Radio.”


The Man…

Alan Diskin has been entertaining radio audiences as a host in a variety of formats since 1972.  This veteran broadcaster has worked in upstate New York, Miami, and Knoxville and has been a newscaster, DJ, and current events talk show host. Alan is a graduate of Announcer Training Studios in New York and was an Emeritus Instructor at Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

The Music…

Radio Rewound is Knoxville’s #1 variety, talk, music, and nostalgia show and is produced and specially blended to sound like a show that is coming right out of the ’50’s and ’60’s. The show is rich in more obscure music, jingles and commercials that were such a big part of the radio we grew up with. Listeners are invited to call in and speak with Alan and his notable celebrity guests every week.  

The Magic…

Alan has interviewed well known celebrities such as… Regis Philbin, Jane Russell, Phil Rizzuto, Debbie Reynolds, Alan Dershowitz, Jerry Matheres, Lee Meriwether, Pete Rose, Jeb bush, Ed Asner, Rich Little, Stacy Keach, Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero, and Marshall Andy “Knoxville’s Cowboy.”  Stay tuned for more exciting guests each week.!

Saturdays | 4p-7p
Sundays | 6p-9p